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With the use of unique materials, scale, colour, textures, and finishes, The Rhodes draws on inspiration from first-class cities around the world, including New York, London, and Barcelona.

Our flat-finish concrete arches facing Bathurst Street juxtaposed to the textured masonry pillars represent this balance of distressed elegance, a key component of the Blackdoor aesthetic.

The oversized black door at the entrance of our projects is Blackdoor’s unique architectural signature. Doors are especially important to us. At Blackdoor, we believe doors represent three important things: privacy, opportunity, and the home.


Privacy and security are a top priority in building design at Blackdoor. We take security very seriously and have equipped.
The Rhodes with the following features:

State-of-the-art cameras and security equipment with 24/7 recording of all building entrances and interior common areas

Fob access required at all building entrances and amenities

24/7/365 Concierge

24/7/365 Concierge

Separate vestibule entrance with traditional lock and key for units with direct elevator to suite

Separate vestibule entrance with traditional lock and key for units with direct elevator to suite

Fob-controlled elevator system

All suites include rough-in for alarm system allowing residents to set up and contract with the security monitoring of their choice




Our system of rainwater control and harvesting increases water conservation, reduces pollutant transfer to the water supply, reduces stress on the city’s existing infrastructure and overall energy consumption. The water that is retained by the system goes directly towards irrigation for on-site landscaping and the building’s green roofs. The Rhodes’ green roofs reduce the amount of hard surfaces, creating another layer of insulation which not only helps reduce both energy consumption and heat gain in the environment but also aids in water absorption. This takes stress off of the rainwater control system that drains directly to an on-site “storm water tank” for storage. In the case of heavy storms, system will control the rate of flow into the municipal system to prevent itself from being overwhelmed and flooding.


With our Four-Pipe HVAC system you can choose your ideal temperature every day of the year. Each suite comes equipped with at least one full fan coil unit. Each FCU is connected to the common boilers and chillers by four pipes; a hot water supply pipe and its return pipe, as well as a cold water supply pipe and its return. This creates two independent loops allowing the suite to have both heating and cooling as required at any time in the year.

Having this system allows for each suite’s climate to be controlled independently and according to the occupant’s desires. It also means that in units with multiple FCUs, each unit can be controlled independently creating different climates in different locations around the unit.

The FCU consists of both a heating and cooling coil, fan, filter and various control valves tied to a thermostat in each suite. These units are top-of-the- line and are extremely quiet.


The benefit of using this type of air-to-air heat exchanger is that it pre-conditions both the temperature and moisture content of fresh air coming into your unit by using the exhaust air to temper it. All of this allows for energy savings.

This means that in winter, the dry, cold air from outside is warmed and humidified when passing through the ERV and conversely in summer, the hot, humid air is both cooled and dehumidified.

The ERV is never pulling air from the corridor, meaning you will always get fresh air pulled directly from outdoors and through its filters, resulting in better indoor air quality.


With our three-tiered approach you will get the feeling of detached home living in a condo. The demising walls between each unit have been upgraded to include four layers of drywall, which far exceeds the code requirements resulting in the highest acoustic performance on the market. The second tier in our acoustic insulation is achieved by creating “dropped ceilings.” By hanging drywall below the concrete slab, we created a buffer or void, which not only allows space for plumbing and ductwork, but greatly reduces and isolates any noise or vibration from the floor above, enhancing each unit’s acoustic separation.

The final aspect of our system assists in minimizing exterior noise. By holding ourselves to a higher standard, we decided to use an advanced glazing system that includes an enlarged space between each pane of glass along with high-quality sealing around the perimeter. This results in a noticable difference in the ambient noise levels within the suites.